This morning, I hit the final straw.  I’m officially tired of Microsoft (again!).  I had been very happy with most everything that I’ve seen, but today just leaves me shaking my head at some decisions.  Here is a list of things I think might be giving Microsoft some issue.

First off, the rushed release of Vista.  RC1 was out for 2 weeks before being supplemented with an ‘interim build’.  The interim build was replaced by RC2 two weeks later!  "Hello! McFly!"  I participated in the Windows XP 64 beta.  RC1 was released for 3 MONTHS!  RC2 had another 3 months of testing time.  That’s 6 months between release candidate and going gold.  Yes, that’s a LONG time in the software business, but XP 64 is one of the best OSes Microsoft has released.  (David now puts his flame suit on).  Vista just feels half baked.  I’ve run it on VMWare, and on a spare hard drive.  I’ve yet to see any audio drivers for high end audio cards, even in alpha or beta format, other than Creative.  That’s scary, because one of the major changes to Vista is the audio subsystem.

Second, Microsoft caved into the damned Anti-virus companies.  I’m very over Symantec and McCafee crying ‘Microsoft won’t let us insert crappy code into a supposedly stable system’.  Ummm, isn’t the point of having a closed system is that *no one* will be able to add code?  Ie, no viruses get in?  Now, virus writers will exploit the hooks that being added for the anti-virus writers.  As a tech, I tell everyone to avoid Symantec.  Their firewall causes many more problems than it solves.  Same thing with their Anti-virus software.

One more thing, why, oh, why did they specify that the OS ‘phone home’?  Vista has a new ‘feature’ that will degrade the OS’s functionality if it can’t contact Microsoft and validate itself.  What!?!  So, if the validation screws up (and Microsoft’s validation has done that in the past) or if the servers are down, or if my ISP is down, or if I just forget to turn on my modem, my INSTALLED functionality may go away WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME!?!  Don’t believe me on this stuff?  Check out Wendy Seltzer’s post about it.  What happens if I have a computer I don’t WANT to have connected to the internet?

Finally, what really pissed me off this morning is a bug in the beta tech refresh of Outlook 2007.  I am using Outlook to read blogs.  I had noticed that their hadn’t been much traffic on some of the RSS feeds that normally have a post or two every couple of days.  So, I click on a couple of folders, do a refresh, and BAM! posts show up!  WTF?  I had to go into every feed, then do a refresh, and a LOT of things popped up.  Now, that’s unforgivable.  That is like not picking up email.  It’s *not* acceptable.  I don’t know if the issue I saw will be fixed by RTM in two weeks or not.  I honestly don’t care.  I’m switching back to Omea reader until I get my Christmas wish.

And if you don’t think the Mac Pro is becoming the ultimate developer machine, check out this article on Scoble’s site.


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