I can’t believe I’m publishing this…  Saturday night, I went to the Bank Atlantic Center to see Barbara Streisand.  Yes, I am a straight male!  My friend, Trish, wanted to go, and she didn’t want to go buy herself.  Plus, the concert was the day before her birthday.  So, I got tickets (in June!) so that we could go see the show.

Now, the first part of this blog entry is going to be me bitching and whining.  If you just want to read what I think about the performance, skip the next paragraph.

The Bad…  Prices.  Nosebleed tickets were over $200 each.  Parking at the arena was $30.  It was fortunate that neither Trish nor I wanted drinks.  A t-shirt was $40, and a coffee mug $20.  Ok, so Streisand hasn’t performed in South Florida for 40 years… I can understand the ticket prices.  I don’t agree with them, but it’s Trish’s birthday request.  There were two other things that had my ire up.  One, because of the need for metal detectors, trying to get in the arena became a disaster.  There were lines of people everywhere and very little in the way of assistance and/or crowd control.  There were no signs as to where to go and what to do.  The other problem was our seats.  I realize that arena’s are designed nowadays so that every seat can see the event.  That’s great.  What isn’t so great is how narrow the stairs and walkways are, plus how it looks like if you slip, you’ll fall all the way to the ground.  I had some sort of panic attack when we walked in, so once we found our seats, I didn’t move.  Lesson learned, don’t buy nosebleed seats!

The Awesome… Barbar Streisand.  What a great performer.  The concert was like she had invited 10,000 of her closest friends into her house.  You could understand every word she sang and said.  There weren’t the elaborate dance routines.  No lip synch’ing.  I think I’ve heard one or two songs, but it really didn’t matter.  It definitely *wasn’t* a rock concert, where if you haven’t heard the songs beforehand, you wouldn’t have any idea what the singer was saying.  She sounded incredible.  The full orchestra was cool.  Everything was balanced.  It made the tickets worth what we paid for them (sorta ).  It definitely was a good show.


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