I should have mentioned this a while ago… I have begun to start working out with a band.  The band’s name is ‘Cheaper than a ‘vette’ ( They had this name *BEFORE* I joined!  )  The band leader and lead guitar player is my friend Rich.  They do a lot of different music which is very cool.  It is more in the style of Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and lots of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rock and roll. 

We created a little block party to have our first gig.  I uploaded pictures taken by my friend Bruce into a new photo album.  We had a complete blast.  The band sounded good, and everyone had a great time.

And, if you really want to see what I look like, check out the picture of the guy with the guitar behind his head.  I was goofing around for photos (wasn’t actually playing at the time!)  And, yes, I was *completely* sober!


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