It’s time for Dave to get on his soapbox…

For all the Microsoft fans out there, Christmas is going to last for a couple of months…  Vista has RTM’ed, Office 2007 has RTM’ed, Sharepoint 3.0 has RTM’ed, Exchange 2007 is close to RTM’ing, .NET 3.0 has RTM’ed, Powershell has RTM’ed, Flight Sim X has RTM’ed… you get the picture.  Microsoft has released or is soon to be releasing a BOATLOAD of software.

Now, why does this worry me?

Well, mainly it’s because that almost all of the products are being released at the same time because of their interdependencies.  Vista depends upon .NET 3.0 (and vice-versa).  Exchange depends upon PowerShell.  Office depends upon Sharepoint (and vice-versa here, too).  Flight Sim sorta depends upon Vista and DirectX 10.  It must create a *nightmare* to manage.  Changing one software package could have far, far repercussions.  This has always been on of Microsoft’s biggest problems.  Wanting to be the foundation means that change doesn’t happen very often, and usually isn’t very radical.

Take Vista, for example.  The initial plan for Vista was sweeping.  No legacy code.  Rebuilt from the ground up with all the latest and best technologies.  Major advancements in the OS.  What did we end up with?  Win XP with built in search and an annoying user access feature.  (Yes, I’m exaggerating here)  The problem for Microsoft is that they *can’t* change without breaking lots of legacy code.

One other thing that is bothering me… This article on Betanews.  I can understand why the Windows Live Desktop search team might be ‘shut down’, as searching is now part of the core operating system with Vista.  BUT… Live Desktop Search has been one of the best things that has been added to XP in a LONG time.  Why stop at 3.0?  Are we in for a repeat of the Internet Explorer fiasco?  ‘This doesn’t *need* further development’  NOT what I want to hear from a company that is supposed to be driving the market.

Ok, I’m off my soapbox now…


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