Cubicles are the most evil thing on the face of the earth.  Not only are they completely noisy, no privacy, focus losers, but there is an extra subliminal part of their evilness….

There is no way to have an ‘even’ conversation with someone.  What do I mean by an ‘even’ conversation?  If you sit down and talk to someone in an office, you are at eye level with that person.  You can read the face.  Both parties are reasonably comfortable.  With a cubicle, that doesn’t exist.  Anyone walking up to talk to a cube dweller is forced to look down on that person.  If the two people need to converse for any length of time, usually the interloper will sit on the desk.  Not comfortable.  And still that person looks down on the cube’s occupant.

Ok, I’m griping, but I’m incredibly tired of cubes, and am not looking forward to sitting 3 people to a cube.  I had an office for 2 years, and my productive and creativity was at an all time high.  Now that I’m back in a cube, I’m miserable.  I have no desire to work, as it is near impossible *to* work.  Ever sat a good programmer in the middle of a helpdesk?  Can we say, crash and burn?  It is just a waste of the company’s money… ‘Here is lot’s of money, but we don’t expect you to actually work, as we are too cheap to think about what is required *to* work’.




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