Today, I was calling my favorite local music store looking for an obscure guitar.  Once I was able to catch my friend, he gave me some seriously bad news.  My friend, Tommy Sal, had passed away on New Year’s Eve. 

Tommy used to be the sales manager for a local guitar store, until he left to open his own store, and a heckofa good guy.  I bought *far* too many PRS guitars from him.  In fact, other than my first Custom 22 and my last PRS, *ALL* of them were bought from Tommy.  In fact, I have a Private Stock that Tommy personally designed for himself, but let me buy it when he saw me fall in love with it on first sight.  It was such a unique design that it even ended up in the PRS Private Stock Calendar.  Tommy also introduced me to a lot of unique people.  I got to meet Paul Reed Smith, Mark Tremonti, and even Joe Satriani!

I was saddened when Tommy moved out of South Florida at the beginning of the year.  I almost got to help him out with his new store web site.  He was starting to gain momentum, and I know he’d have been on top pretty quickly.

God bless you, Tommy.  I’ll miss you…

Tommy, Dave, and Joe Satriani

This is Tommy, myself, and a guitar player by the name of Joe Satriani.


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