My experiment of trying to live with Vista and cheap is in progress.  So far, so good.  I have updated information to add after working a bit with some software.

First off. I have to take back a bit about my rant on Windows Live Mail Desktop.  Two things that I said have turned out not to be true.  Number one, the ads.  I had tried a previous version that had huge ugly graphic ads that took up a large portion of the space.  Now, they changed it to targeted ads based upon content of the email, just like gmail does.  At least they are text.  The graphics ads are still there, if you turn off the targeted ads.  Second, it picked up and configured my AOL email automatically.  Nice!  Now, if it would just do that for my *other* emails.  WLMD is not too bad, once I started working with it.

Now, on to Vista.  I *still* don’t have drivers for my FireWire Audio card, so it makes it impossible for me to use the OS as my primary.  Which truly sucks, because Vista is nice.  The search feature alone makes it worthwhile to switch.  Windows Desktop Search is a good system, but Vista’s search is built in at the OS level.  It is *very* nice.  Now, it’s easier to tell users how to find a program… ‘Click on the Windows button, and type ‘x”.  No more ‘look for menu x,y, and z’.

Vista also seems faster.  Maybe it is because I don’t have that much loaded on my Vista partition yet, but it feels snappier than Win XP on the same box.  Networking certainly seems faster.

Finally, the games included with Vista are definitely cool.  Between Chess and Mahjong, Vista could eat up a significant amount of time up for me.

More random thoughts on Vista to appear soon!


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