I don’t know why this feature from Vista isn’t being talked about more… it’s Windows Photo Gallery.  I had overlooked this feature until just recently. 

Here is why I found the Photo Gallery.  One of the neat features about the Windows Sidebar is the gadgets.  I had put the picture viewer gadget on the Sidebar, but had gotten tired of looking at just the basic sample images.  So, I finally transfered over my pictures from my old XP hard drive.  I had forgotten that my picture files were a mess.  I thought that I had read somewhere that Vista had an enhanced picture manager, but I couldn’t remember the name.  With a little bit of help from the help system, I found the Windows Photo Gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery is a great addition to Vista.  It allows for tagging pictures, searching, renaming, moving, and fixing of photos.  I was able to reorganize my photo library pretty quickly, get things tagged, and rename the files to something useful.

Nice job Microsoft!


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