I can’t believe it.  After two and a half years, I turned in my two-week notice to my company today.  It has been a wild ride.  This is the second company that I’ve gone through the boom-to-bust transition.  The first company that I was with was a dotCOM during the late 90’s.  Yes, it was a fun ride, but, man, was it stressful.  My current company is a home builder.  Things were going along very well until we were acquired.  Unfortunately, the market turned south literally moments after the ink was dry.

Now, as to why *I* am leaving, it’s an interesting story.  Most of it has to do with where I want to take my career.  I have constantly pushed to be a Software Architect.  At the ‘pre-acquisition’ time frame of last company, I was able to advance myself in that area.  After the acquisition, though, my part of the company changed to maintenance and transition mode.  I haven’t really programmed much since August.  That’s a long time for a developer to not develop.  It got frustrating.  I started to reevaluate what made me happy.  Coding and designing made me happy.  Trying to be a facilitator didn’t.  I don’t have the temperament to be a middle man.  I know that I have to learn more of that, and that would have been a good place, *if* I had had a person who had the patience to teach it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.  And so, I felt like I was not being productive, and not nearly worth my princely salary. 

So, out of the blue, this architect position shows up.  The details were worked out rather quickly, and bang, I’ve got a new job!  It is going to be *very* exciting.  I HAVE to use Architecting/Engineering to solve problems, because brute force just isn’t going to get the job done.  It’s going to be about writing and using tools to boost productivity of not only myself, but the team I will be working on.

It should be exciting stuff!


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