Wow, this blog has been pretty useful lately!  Yesterday, I was checking up on here, when I noticed a comment (hey, I get few enough comments that I read them all).  It turned out to be from my best friend in high school, college, etc…!!!!  I haven’t heard from Kev(in) in quite a while, he’d lost my contact info, and I, shamefully, haven’t called lately either.  He was telling me about a trip that he and some friends are planning, which will put them down here in my neck of the woods.  Well, I called as soon as I read the email!  It took me a couple of tries, but I finally got ahold of him.  It was incredibly AWESOME to hear from him.  I think we ended up talking for over an hour, just trying to catch up even a little bit.  He ended up sending me this photo from last night.  What’s amazing is that he looks just like he did in college (damn, I *hate* that!    Lucky dog!)  How do I know it was from yesterday, and not high school?  I don’t think Avenged Sevenfold was a band at that point in time.

Hopefully, I’ll have more stories to post.  Some (most) are not exactly tellable in mixed company.  Also, I hope to have new stories soon!


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