Ok, it’s time for me to get back on the blog wagon.  I have been *very* quiet lately (actually for the last 8 months).  And, there are many reasons for that.  The biggest ones were that my job and life had become pretty miserable. 

To recap, 2007 brought a LOT of changes to my life.  The year started out fairly well, I was doing well with my job, things were starting to go up on the salary, and life was generally good.  Then, the president of my company resigned.  This event triggered a MASSIVE change in the company I worked for.  Almost everyone I knew was gone, the people who stayed were going to have to move, and my role and responsibilities completely changed.  In fact, I went as far as accepting another job, before the ‘golden handcuffs’ were put around my wrists to stay with my current company.  I had made the mistake of staying.  smile_sad

On an aside, I had a goal in mind.  I wanted to buy a house.  The market here in South Florida has cooled, but not in ways that you would expect.  A good house is going to cost a certain amount, no matter what is going on in the world.  Deposits and fees are hard to save up for (especially with my spending habits!), and the offer to stay included a way for me to get the house.  Once I had signed on the dotted line for the house, my time was going to be limited with that company, no matter what.  I just didn’t realize how quickly I would change to a new job!

Back to the story.  Eight months passed, and few things had changed.  I had not done any code, except for a tiny application that managed to save my sanity.  Everything else was meetings, data digging, and goofing off.  I’m not very proud of that fact.  I feel like the guy from ‘Office Space’, who put in a 60 hour week and only did 15 minutes of work during that time.  I was completely miserable, and I was making the people around me miserable.  Something had to give.  And finally, something did give…

Thank goodness that I took the new job!  It has been like night and day in my attitude.  This first week has been a blur, most of it good.  I discovered that I *like* to work again.  I don’t mind 10 and 11 hour days, because programming is a challenge that I love.  Heck, I’m even programming at home again!  That’s certainly a good sign.

More to come! 


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