I’m going to have to describe today’s visit, ’cause I didn’t take my camera with me.smile_sad  If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll take the camera and get pictures…

All I can say is, ‘wow’…  My townhouse is really starting to come together.  The walls have been painted their first coat of paint.  All the molding in the pictures that was wood is now white (as are the walls).  The garage door is up.  THE DRIVEWAY IS IN PLACE!  I can now walk from the road to the front door on the bricks!  The cabinets and tile are sitting in the living room, waiting to be unboxed.  The banister is up on the stairway.  Almost all of the doors are up.

It’s finally becoming real.  I have to put my 60 day notice in to my apartment complex, as I think the house will be done by the end of May (probably *well* before then!)  Talk about a surreal feeling…

I may just sneak back over there tomorrow with the camera…


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