As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, my computer’s motherboard decided to die on Monday.  So, today consisted of trying to find a replacement motherboard, but I had no luck.  Fortunately for me, I have an old motherboard and video card that I removed before upgrading to the latest and greatest.  I popped the old board back in, and at least the computer fired up!  Ok!  So, hook up all the cables and stuff, and set Vista to boot.  Why did I do that?  I had read on a blog that a clean install of Vista installs *all* the drivers from the DVD, and that it can do a pretty good job of figuring out what it’s running on when starting up.

So, I crossed my fingers and said, "Here goes nothing…"

Fortunately, they were RIGHT!

Vista started up, did a big auto-detect, and ran fine.  I had to reload one (1!) driver, which doesn’t even come close to supporting Vista anyway.  Everything else just reinitialized fine.

Holy downgrade, Batman!

Finally, Windows can be machine agnostic (or at least learn to believe what box it is on when it starts).  This is probably one of the greatest features that Microsoft could bestow upon us.  How many times has a tech done an upgrade, and then had to reinstall Windows because it BSOD’ed when starting up?  Those days are *GONE*.  (Well, at least until some standard changes the machine boot information or sequence.  I give it 1 to 2 years before it goes back to the old way smile_wink)

Unfortunately, there IS a dark underbelly to this happy story.  Almost immediately, I got asked to reactivate my copy of Windows, as the hardware had changed rather radically.  I’m lucky in that I have multiple activations (MSDN!  Yeah!), but this is going to cause problems.  What happens when I revert to the fixed hardware??? I’ll probably lose another activation.  This is a real Pain In The A**.  I realize that Microsoft wants to protect their software.  But being punished for hardware failure is certainly NOT COOL.  I hope the guys on the phones doing activations are halfway nice about this stuff, or it will be real easy to render a copy of Vista dead.


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