Wow, what a day…  Final walk through day.

Today was the final walk through on my house.  I can’t believe that it’s done.  It was just over 8 months ago that I put the deposit down for the original purchase.  The amount of stuff one has to go through to get a house is incredible.  Of course, it probably would have been easier if I had a better credit score and hadn’t JUST bought the darned car.

As for the walk itself, the house was *almost* perfect.  The refrigerator will be delivered by Tuesday, and the correct shower in the master bath STILL wasn’t installed.  The pieces for the new shower were there, they just hadn’t put it in yet.

I’ve already seen a couple of changes that I need to do.  One, is to put a programmable A/C controller in.  With Florida being Florida, it would be nice to have the A/C start about 20 minutes before I get home.  The other is to put some fans in and change the light sockets.  Not big work, but stuff that will need to be done.

Back to cleaning and getting ready for the move!


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