SourceGear has just released their Differencing tool, DiffMerge, for FREE!  Get it here.  Nice tool, supports 3 panel differencing, and directory differencing.  Oh, and for Rick, they released a Linux and OSX version.

I’m already using it in Visual Studio Team Services IDE.  Just specify the following for the parameters for the comparison routine:

/title1=%6 /title2=%7  %1  %2

That’s it!

Update: Ok one stupid thing that I did here… I didn’t
mention WHERE you put the settings!  To change the Visual Studio Team Foundation
Comparison tool to a different Differencing tool, in the IDE, go to the
Tools->Options dialog box.  Inside of that list, find Source
Control->Visual Studio Team Foundation.  On that page, click on the Configure
User Tools.  Click ‘Add’, then add a item for .* with the above information in
the parameters.


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