Today was the opening of WWDC, Apple’s yearly developer conference.  This time around, I was hoping for an inexpensive, upgradable Macintosh with no attached monitor.  Alas, I did not get my wish. 

As a software developer, the growing number of people using the OS X and Safari platform has gotten my attention.  It’s also gotten Microsoft’s attention.  Silverlight, which is bringing a pretty full featured version of .NET to OS X proves that Microsoft sees needing to have a development platform for OS X.  Every day, new things seem to be happening for the Mac.  So, it is a natural desire to have one to work with.  My main business justification, though, was testing applications in Safari.

So, with my wish not being fulfilled, I had decided to order a refurbished Mac Pro.  It would meet my requirements, but cost a LOT of money.  Really, it is like swatting a fly with a Buick.  Overkill to say the least.

Fortunately, Steve saved me.  They did one thing that was rumored a LONG time ago… they released Safari as a Windows application.  Wow!  No need for me to buy a Mac now for testing!  Yeah!

I can’t help but wonder if Apple might be shooting themselves in the foot with the release of Safari on Windows, though.  I can see the main reasons why they did do this.  Now, development shops will have NO EXCUSE not to test their web pages with Safari.  Does that mean that they will?  Just ask the Firefox crowd. smile_regular  I think there will be some hasty upgrades to the current web page editing software packages to allow Safari to be one of the tested browsers. 

On the downside though, Apple will lose sales of Macintosh hardware.  Me and the company I work for are perfect examples.  I’ve been pushing to get a Mac Pro as my work computer because of it’s power and versatility.  Do I really need a Quad processor to develop?  No, but I need something to run OS X so that I could test Safari.  Was I going to get a Mac?  Probably not, but there was a possibility.  Now?  There is absolutely no reason for my company to buy a Mac.  Same for my home situation.  I don’t really need a Mac to test now.

Thanks again Steve, and I hope the decision pays off!


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