No, it’s not an iPhone!  (Ok, obligatory iPhone reference is done now).  It is the latest version of NetNewsWire.  This is one of the pieces of software that got me to buy my friend Rick’s Mac Mini.  NetNewsWire is the best feed reader out there.  Period.  NOTHING comes close.  I liked it enough that I bought it.  For me to invest my own money in a program is a BIG deal.  I’ve tried almost everything to get the same functionality on the Windows side, but nothing came close.  Omea Reader was close, but the company stopped actively developing it.  What is scary is that Microsoft’s Window’s Live Mail for the Desktop is pretty darn close, too.  At least, that was with NetNewsWire 2.1.  With 3.0 being out now, all bets are off.

Dang, and I just got over my Apple fixation!


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