Today, a new reader to the blog (Hi Guitar Dad!) asked about a good recording interface for the guitar and/or vocals.  I would have loved to answer out of personal experience, but I don’t have a lot of different interfaces.  I’ve used two or three different interfaces over the course of 10 years, mainly some variation of an M-Audio product.  (Delta 66, Delta RBus, and FW-1814)  And, after M-Audio’s hi-jinx with their drivers, I’m planning on staying away from them in the future.  My friend Rick got a Toneport and ran it with the Mac.  It seems like a good little guitar / vocal interface, but it does take a bit of setup and understanding.

Lately, Edirol has been producing some nice drivers for their FireWire and USB devices.  Very straightforward and relatively inexpensive.

MOTU has finally stepped up to producing some nice drivers to go along with their devices.  All of their audio capture devices are high quality, even if they are on the more expensive side of basic.

Presonus has the Firepod, which always gets spoken of highly on the newsgroups.  Also, they have a little tutorial on computer recording.

Now, from what I’ve seen, they all have their little gotchas.  If you want to read up on the different interfaces (and their problems with Sonar) check out the Cakewalk Sonar user’s forum.  Search for an interface you are interested in, and you’ll find someone having problems with it.  I guess the best thing is to read what issues are popping up, and decide if they will affect you.  At that point, go for it!  Good thing that Guitar Center and Sam Ash have 30 day refunds…


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