Today was ANOTHER final straw…  I had unplugged my Windows Vista machine about a month ago (coincidentally the same time the Mac Pro came home), and it hasn’t been on since. 

This weekend, though, I needed to get something off of the Vista machine.  Never has a more painful experience been had. 

First up, everything screamed that updates had not been done since 8/15.  Ok, fair enough.  Well, the first thing that had to be updated was the updater itself.  Ok.  Wait a sec, it requires a REBOOT after the updater updated?  WHY!?!  So, reboot.  Then 4 updates to install.  Another reboot.  Grr… Video card update.  Another reboot.  Tried updating the audio interface drivers.  Well, I utterly failed at that.  Did I mention that each reboot took close to 5 minutes EACH!?!  So, instead of a simple 10 minute process, I ended up spending almost AN HOUR futzing with the computer.

Again, I’m not an average user.  I have a LOT of patience when it comes to dealing with computers.  And, I’m now at my wit’s end.  Fortunately, it’s just time lost, not data.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend Vista to ANYONE, and have been working on getting my customers over to OS X.


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