This is not one of my nice little ‘how-to’ articles.  In fact, most of the content is not nice at all.  But, it’s life, and in particular, it’s MY life…

First up, I changed a relationship that I’ve had with a friend for over 10 years.  Lately, that friend has turned up the sarcasm to offset my more serious demeanor.  I’m sorry that I haven’t made a lot of jokes lately, but that’s mainly because things haven’t been that funny.  I am really struggling through some hard times, and I need friends that help, not ones that are snide.  So, off they go…

Second, I left the band.  I have many reasons, some logical, some not.  I mainly feel that it is not the direction I wish to go in.

Having done both of those things this weekend, I thought that I’d be feeling depressed.  Surprisingly, I’m not.  I feel like some weights have been lifted, and I can now move on.

I’ll blog more about this stuff as things change…


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, you’ve just got to walk away…

  1. Dave,
    Hope you feel better soon.  Partly due to illness and partly to "not having fun anymore" I’ve dropped several hobbies I’ve had for many years, and I’ve left the clubs that went ith them.  Sometimes I think I need to get back at it but then I think I just need to let it go, that that’s something I did once and just need to leave it behind and move on.  The same thing with golf.  I love the game and have many great memories of rounds with my dad but physically I’m no longer up to it and it takes way too much time.  So, though I still have my clubs, mentally I’ve left it behind.  I may play again but for now I’m OK without it.  I even dropped guitar work for many years and am now back at it.  Sometimes you need a break – as Robert Frost called it, "a retreat for strength".

  2. Hi Guitar Dad!
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.  Things are starting to get back in order.  Sometimes, it’s just very hard to let go of stuff in life.
    I really appreciate the thoughts!
    – Dave

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