Yes, that’s Cords, not Chords, as in cables.  I just learned a very valuable lesson today.  That lesson is ‘pay attention to the little details’.  I recently upgraded my audio interface for my computer.  This has been an little bit of an ordeal.  The new interface is wonderful, but… I’ve been getting some strange sounds out of it.  After fighting a couple of battle with Leopard, crackles and pops, and drivers, I clean almost all of the problems up.  Unfortunately, I was STILL getting a hum through my speakers.  I thought that it might be the monitor interfering with the cable.  So, tonight I went down to the local music store, and ended up with a little bit of an education.  I found out that my old interface’s line outs were unbalanced.  My NEW interface’s outputs are balanced.  The unbalanced cables I was using (yes, the cables are different!) was causing the noise…  I really wouldn’t have believed it, but when I hooked the speakers up, NO MORE HUM!  YEAH!

As an aside, how did I fix the crackle / pops with Leopard?  First off, I cleared the NVRAM on the computer with Ctrl + Apple Key + P + R.  Don’t ask me WHY that works, it just did.  The second thing was that I reinstalled the drivers.  That seemed to finish off the problems.


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