Well, as you’ve seen from my previous posts, my sound card and leopard have been acting a little funky.  I get crackles and pops when playing back audio, and I haven’t even remotely tried to record.  Fortunately, there is a temporary fix.  All one has to do is change the sampling rate to a different rate, then change it back, and the sound quality is restored.  Which, is quite good.  Hopefully, a driver update from either Apple or Presonus should fix the issue, as both know about it.

2 thoughts on “Update on Leopard and the Presonus FireStudio Project

  1. Sorry to hear abot the crackles and pops.  Annoying.  So far I’ve been lucky with my M-Audio fast Track Pro.  Maybe not the greatest, and in some ways not all that much different from the old Tascam, but at least it works with my laptop USB.  I’m still recording with Audacity (new one just posted) but I’m trying to read the Reaper manual to see if I can figure it out.  My boss, the one who gave me the Tascam four years ago because he couldn’t figure it out, is thinking about getting a Mac and Garage Band.

  2. Hi Guitar Dad!
    Cool!  Your music sounds great.  Don’t get hung up on equipment and software and everything.  If it sounds good, then it is good!  Hopefully my trials and tribulations will not discourage your boss from checking out the Mac!

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