Just wanted to wish everyone reading this a ‘Happy New Year’.

Gotta say, this one is at least starting out better than most.  Monday was a great day, I caught up with some friends, hung out at the Hard Rock, played pool, watched the ball drop, and watched the fire works.  All in all, a great night.  Then Tennessee went and beat up on Wisconsin in the Outback bowl on Tuesday!  Yeah!  What a way to save their season.

During the course of hanging out with my friend Rick, we ended up talking about last year’s focus, and this year’s goals.  I have to admit, last year was a ‘stuff’ year for me.  Between the house and all the things that go into it, my focus had been upon acquisitions.  Fortunately, the road trip in September to my cousin’s wedding put me back on the path of what is important.  This year (and EVERY year!) is going to be about friends, family, and relationships (well, hopefully FORMING relationships this year!). 

The last couple of months have been real eye openers.  I’ve been hanging out a bit with one of my cousins who lives near me.  She’s helping me get on the ‘straight and narrow’ about getting life a little more organized.  Then, I’ve been hanging around another friend who’s family I was able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with.  That was really interesting.  I had a great time, and gave a lot more meaning to the holidays than I’d realized.  I’ve got to admit, Christmas was a lot more fun with a lot of kids running around laughing and playing (and going home to stay with THEIR parents 🙂 )

Then, I ended up getting the best Christmas present ever.  Someone whom I hadn’t talked to in a while texted me with a Merry Christmas.  I honestly didn’t know if it was a mistake or what.  It turns out it wasn’t a mistake, nor was it a generic text blast.  I am truly touched that this person was thinking about me.  I don’t plan to loose touch again.

Ok, enough rambling!  Happy New Year!!!!


One thought on “A belated ‘Happy New Year’

  1. I’m glad you had a good Christmas.  Ours was quiet – the way I like it.  I get too stressed at the pressure of gift-giving.  It was great to have my daughter home from Iraq.
    With Bowl games I had the opposite experience from you – Illinois had avery god season and shows promise, but the team that ended the season playing close to Michigan and beating Ohio State in Columbus, was not the team that showed up in the Rose Bowl.  I just hate the Pac 10!

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