You have to schedule yourself for computer repairs (and you may end up being bumped!)

It’s a mark of how busy things are when I have to schedule ‘me time’ to fix my computer on my calendar.  Yes, the might Mac hiccupped, and I have to do a little bit of work on it.  Thank god it’s the mac and not a PC.  All I have to do is copy off my data files, reinstall the OS, and copy everything back.  Not really a big deal, but a pain.  And, before I get any mail about having to reinstall the Mac OS, this was my own fault.  I was fully aware that I might need to do this, so I certainly am not upset.  I just found it funny that I had ‘pencil myself in’ for my tech services!


2 thoughts on “You know you are too busy when…

  1. Do you have to reinstall programs, though, and set user settings in them again?  Does Mac have something similar to the Windows registry?

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