It’s amazing what a month of solid practice can do for you.

This week, I have finally been happy with my playing. It started with last weekend spending all of Sunday just working on songs for the band. We had some new songs to learn, which I *sorta* did, but what I really did was go back to some of the things we’ve been working on and really punched them up so that I felt very comfortable playing them. It paid off Monday when we played ‘Rebel Yell’. That song can be a bit tricky, but when we played it, we just NAILED it! So, I started getting some confidence in my playing (finally!). After that, I found out that we were going practice on Wednesday with a specific set of songs. Tuesday, I ended up spending some quality time with a song that I was just kind of playing sloppy through. I spent most of Tuesday night just working this one song. Again, it paid off in spades on Wednesday, as that song REALLY came together. Friday, my plans fell through, so I ended up at home, and decided to start really getting the leads for some of the songs. I was able to learn the solo to "You’ve got another thing comin’". I normally don’t learn solos note-for-note, but I’m beginning to re-think that position. It seems like learning the solos will give me some great licks, and it will sound better when I play the songs with the band. So, my new goal is to learn all of the solos CORRECTLY. If I can learn one solo a night, I’ll be a VERY happy camper!


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