This boils my blood…

I have AT&T / Bellsouth / FastAccess.  I am CERTAINLY not happy about seeing caps like this.  Do these companies NOT remember how quickly people switched on the Dial-up from per-hour billing to unlimited dialup?  My main problem is that the companies have sold the cable / DSL services as ‘unlimited usage’.  To force people to switch the their plans is almost ‘bait-and-switch’.  I totally understand that the companies need to fund their upgrades, but sheesh, what more do they want?  When I first started with DSL, OVER 10 YEARS AGO, 1.5 megabit DSL was the fastest thing out there, and it was $60 a month.  Now, 1.5 is $32.  They’ve lowered the price to entice more people to use it, but don’t budget for growth?  How’s that the consumer’s fault?  Heck, I can’t even GET 6 megabit DSL because the switch that they put into my community won’t DO 6 meg.  And guess what?  That’s a NEW switch, not an old one.  What are they thinking? 

Come on ISPs!  Wake up!  Think about the today AND the future, not just what you can put in your pocket today!


2 thoughts on “When did ‘Unlimited’ become ‘NOT Unlimited’?

  1. When I first went with AT&T the cost promised was low. Slowly I’ve seen the monthly charge creep higher with no explanation. Although I don’t think I use a lot of bandwidth, if this is the start of a trend it’ll end up with us getting charged per minute of time spent on the web for doing anything. Maybe I’ll just ride my bike, read, and play guitar more.

  2. Hi GuitarDad!What is sad is how many countries that we consider ‘3rd world’ have FAR better internet service than we do, for far less money.And, I agree with you… less internet == more time to do REAL things! Thank goodness for guitars, bikes, and books!- Dave

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