December 4th was my 4 year blog anniversary… what an amazing trip so far!  It is always interesting to go back and read old posts…  I’ve written a LOT, more than I EVER thought that I would.  My old English teachers would be proud!  I remember in one class, we were supposed to write a journal entry every day for a specific time period.  Me, being my procrastinating self, would always just write everything a day or two before turning it in.  What a learning opportunity missed 😦  One thing that I’ve really found with the blog is a great way to write down ‘what I’m thinking about right then and there’.  I have a lot more ideas and thoughts that I will start sharing. 

The reason I’ve kept some things private is because of the purpose of this blog.  Originally, I wanted to use it as a springboard to write a book, or get a job.  I’ve certainly written enough technical articles on here.  I get a lot of searches for Crystal Reports, Powershell, and Visual Studio.  I seem to get ideas in my head that end up breaking one of those programs, and I haven’t found answers on the Internet, hence why I write up my experiences.  I may split this blog up into a technical blog and a personal blog, as both are useful.  They might suffer a bit on content, though 🙂

We’ll just have to see where the NEXT four years takes this blog!


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