NGD (New Guitar Day)

Just gotta say, God works in some STRANGE ways…

Recently, I was able to sell two of my guitars, mainly to pay bills.  Unfortunately, that left me with too few guitars.  When one plays with a band and a church, there is no such thing as ‘too few’ guitars 🙂

Ever since GC announced that 45th Anniversary Custom 24, I’ve been wanting one. Well, the Private Stock that I had was returned to it’s original owner, and my intention was to order one. Unfortunately, a disagreement between myself and my wallet put the price of that one out of the ballpark. I wanted SOMETHING with 57/08’s, and most of those guitars were in the same price range as the 45th. Then, the 59/09’s started to show up, and in SC 245’s, of all things. I like a bit hotter pickup anyway, so I started to keep an eye out.

Then, someone posted the link to Martin Music’s Single Cut Tremolo with the Indian Rosewood neck that had been sent to the PRS PTC (tech center) for 59/09’s pickups. And, the price was reasonable  (just a tad more than I paid for my OTHER SCT IRW that is my main playing guitar). So, I snapped that up IMMEDIATELY!!!!

It got here on Wednesday, but because of circumstances, I wasn’t actually able to plug it into an amp until FRIDAY NIGHT!?! What a LONG wait!

Friday was my Praise and Worship band’s practice. I ALWAYS play through a POD XT and bass amp, even with guitar. Usually that works well. For some reason only known to God, I FORGOT my POD!!!! And guitar through a solid state Bass amp was going to sound TERRIBLE  Fortunately, the church had a little Fender Blues Junior Amp. 1-channel. No distortion. No effects (It did have a master volume)

How did it sound, you ask? UN-FREAKIN’-BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! There is some SERIOUS Mojo in that guitar being plugged into a nice tube amp. I cranked the master down, and the channel volume up… just wow… The other musicians were saying, ‘I haven’t heard a guitar sound that good in a LONG time’. The guitar just sang. The amp was distorted, but not loud, and the crunch was just perfect. I wouldn’t use that setup to play in my regular band, but man, oh man, did it work for the church band. Time to find a tube screamer guitar pedal 🙂

And, yes, the 59/09’s are WORTH IT TO FIND THEM!!!!!!!!!