Recently, we needed to run both TFS 2008 Build and TFS 2010 Build on the same machine.  I was not able to find ANY docs on how to do this, so, I’m bringing the blog back to life for more storage 🙂

It’s fairly easy to get the two build systems working together, but it does require doing the setup in a specific order.

  1. Install the compiling environments, VS 2008 and VS 2010.
  2. Install TFS 2008 Build.
  3. Install TFS 2010 Build.  During the install, the installer will ask for a port for the build services.  CHANGE THE PORT USED FROM 9191 to 9192.
  4. Register the TFS 2010 Build Server with the TFS 2010 collection that it will be building from.

That’s it! 


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