iLife ’11 rocks!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, there was an Apple event on October 20th, and yes, iLife ’11 DID ship. And I stopped on my way home from work to pick it up… About 10 minutes of installing, and everything was ready to go. So far, I like the upgrade. iMovie is much more useable now that the timeline view is available again. The timeline is accessible by going to the iMovie menu and selecting Window -> Swap Events and Projects. That puts the timeline on the bottom. Nice!

Garageband got some interesting updates as well. I like how you can just select a track, and it will automatically be armed for recording. The new piano and guitar lessons are good, too.

iPhoto is iPhoto for me. I know it changed, but nothing jumped out at me so far. Maybe that’s a good thing 🙂

My only gripe with iLife has to do with content… Garageband has a couple of features that are SCREAMING for more content, and Apple has not added very much… First up, Magic GarageBand. At one point, Apple added some great ‘starter songs’ for jamming that would allow one to customize a bit. They shipped 9 songs… they’ve never added another. Second, lessons… Apple did add some new lessons for piano and guitar, but what about bass, drums, vocals, etc? What about the artist lessons? Why not open the lessons up, and let people create their own? Could you imagine what a guitar teacher could pull in by doing Garageband lessons?