More new tricks for the ol’ dawg…

Recently, I’ve been working with a Presonus digital mixing board.  This has allowed me to capture tracks right at the source, right after the initial preamp.  By doing that, I’ve been getting tracks that are absolutely bare, no compression, no EQ, no Limiting, nothing.  These tracks give me a great base line to allow me to play with the sounds.  Because of these bare tracks, I’ve been able to do a LOT of learning 🙂  Oh, and these tracks can be pulled into a program called ‘Studio One’ also from Presonus.  I’m REALLY enjoying Studio One.

Ok, on to the new tricks..

Well, the first trick is an extension of an older trick that I wrote about here.  Adding Hi-pass / low-pass filters to the tracks can REALLY clean a mix up.

Speaking of Limiters, another trick that I learned is that volume limiters are your friend.  I had a very quiet track recorded from the digital board.  Adding a gain boost, compression, and some EQ brought the volume up to a nice acceptable level.  The only problem was that there were a couple of places where the signal jumped by 48 db!  OUCH!!!  I threw on a Limiter plug-in to the track, set it to Unity Gain output (0db), and presto, the track didn’t jump above 0db (that’s a good thing, as 0db is full volume, not NO volume.  No volume is -infinity on most mixing boards).

More tricks coming!


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