Short synopsis… awesome!  🙂

Last night was the first time my band used the Stagescape in a ‘real’ situation.  We have been rehearsing with it for a couple of weeks now, but this was the first real performance using it.  First up, we threw a couple of curveballs at it.  In practice, we had used just vocals and kick drum.  Last night, we added the guitars at the last minute.  I just ended up picking the guitar combo presets, and added them in, no tweaking.  The presets turned out to be very good.  After getting the hang of dialing in the stage monitors, things went pretty smooth. Not one bit of squeaky feedback the entire night.  The vocals sounded awesome through the PA and the mix with the guitars was great.  Most of the time when I hear a live band, the PA struggles to get the vocals over the band.  Usually, any loud or clear vocals start to get a feedback VERY quickly.  We had none of those issues.

The night before, the singer for my band had gone to sit in with his old group.  They had a normal PA, and basically had feedback every few moments, the guitar sounded weak, and generally the band had a pretty standard ‘bar band’ sound.  When I compared that to how my band sounded with the Stagescape, I was blown away.

Line 6 definitely has a real winner.  I just hope that more people start using them so that they do not get shelved!


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