Talk about poor communications…

Over two years ago, Logic 9.1 went 64-bit optional.  The Presonus Faderport only had a 32-bit configuration file for Logic.  So, for over two years, I basically put Logic on the shelf, as the time to move to 64-bit was then.  Studio One supported 64-bit and the Faderport, so it made no sense why Logic would not have the same abilities.  It is, after all, just a MIDI device.  So, after two years, no driver updates, no install package updates for the Faderport, and no communication on the message board.  Cue Logic X.  Not only is it pretty awesome, it happens to be 64-bit ONLY.  So, the Faderport is useless, right?  I even wrote on the Presonus forums asking about the compatibility between Logic X and the Faderpoart.  No answer.  That board makes most graveyards seem jumping.  So, was perusing the forum tonight, and noticed someone had made a post to a thread from 2010 about Logic.  In the new message to the topic, someone mentioned that there was a Presonus recompiled bundle for 64-bit Logic!!!!  Hot DAYUM!!!!  Click on the link, and sure enough, it’s all legit.  Pull the bundle in and voila!  Logic X and the FaderPort are best buddies!  Here’s the perverse part… the following tech note has been available SINCE AUGUST 2011!!!!!  WTH!?!  There’s no sticky on the forum, have never seen anyone say ‘boo’ about it.  This is crazy!  The answer has been on Presonus’ site for YEARS, and no one has pointed it out.  Crazy!

Well, if anyone else needs it, here’s the link:


It appears that Presonus updated the page with worse instructions than before…  To install the bundle that is attached to the link, start with Logic Pro X as the application folder to ‘Show Package Contents’.  Drag the Faderport bundle into the Contents -> Midi Devices Plug-ins folder.  Start Logic at that point, and the Faderport should just work.


2 thoughts on “Got Logic X? Got a Faderport? Wanna know how to make them work together?

  1. Is this right ? The Presonus article you link to is for installing the driver in Logic 9 32 bit mode, then rebooting the Logic 9 in 64 bit mode. Logic X is only 64 but how would this work ? Dryden

  2. Interesting… They’ve changed the article. All you have to do us copy that bundle file like the article mentions, but in the Logic X application.

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