Wow… 9 years already

I knew that I started blogging in December… just didn’t realize it was over 9 years ago!!!!

What’s amazing is how much has changed in those nine years…

  • Homeowner
  • No more Corvettes, until I have enough money to actually keep one serviced correctly ūüôā
  • Have stayed at my current job for almost 7 years
  • Have switched from Dev to DevOps
  • Have switched from PCs to Macs
  • Have actually been playing music, recording, mixing, and running sound for people rather than being academic
  • Cat changes (please do not ask me about it)
  • No longer a PRS only guitarist ūüôā
  • Switched from flip phones to iPhone
  • Mainly use iPad around the house instead of a computer
  • Went from 1.5 meg DSL to 50+ meg cable
  • Went from a single CRT TV to two LED TVs
  • Gained weight, lost it, and then found it (and it brought friends)
  • Have performed more than 200 times for people during the time frame

To say the least, it’s been an amazing ride. ¬†Looking forward to year 10, as this is a year with lots changing, and lots for me to write about.

A decent Christmas for once

Good day today. ¬†Since Christmas is probably one of only 3 days in the year that I can almost guarentee no support calls, I decided to do a quick one day trip to Walt Disney World. ¬†Living in South Florida, playing tourist is a LOT easier here than it is for most people. ¬†Unfortunately, I almost never do. ¬†I’ve been thinking about a Disney Christmas for many years, but this year was the one that I finally got off my rear and did it.

And ya know what?

I had a blast! ¬†Heck, I didn’t even ride any major rides. ¬†I just got out, and spent a lot of time walking and just enjoying the day. ¬†So, no rant about prices, lines, times, food, general rudeness, etc… All definitely could rile me up, but today was about relaxing and enjoying life. ¬†I was lucky that I was able to even make it into the park, they hit capacity by 11 a.m. (I got into the park around 10:00). ¬†Plus, having to focus on ‘dealing’ with it helped me be a lot more cheerful than I usually am during the holidays.

Now, if one is going there to ‘do Disney’, all I can say is Christmas is NOT the time. ¬†Check the internet for best times to go, and follow that! ¬†If you just want to enjoy some serious people watching, and can take the nuttiness, Christmas can be a LOT of fun.