Last one for the day… follow-up to my WWDC predictions

Why am I revisiting this NOW?

I thought it was interesting that my ‘predictions’ were almost 100% accurate, if the timeframe is extended out through the end of the year.  The 4k iMac showed up (or rather, the 5k iMac).  So did the Mac Mini.  I was dead on with the port and option predictions.  The only real disappointment is that the Minis are dual core only (no quad core).  I still think the 5k iMac was slated to show up at WWDC, but was probably pulled due to monitor availability.  Also, 10.10 definitely got the flat look.  I thought I would hate the flat style, but once I started running 10.10, the older style looked very dated… If I really push it, the ‘new product’ could be the Apple Watch 🙂  I’m still not sure about the Watch, will have to wait and see.  I know people who have smart watches, and seem to like them, but I haven’t figured out how *I* would use it.  The iPhone and iPad, I instantly knew where I would use them (at least initially!), but the Watch is still a bit of a head scratcher FOR ME.

Still, it was a very ‘Apple’ year with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2.  I’ve had the 6 Plus since day 2, and have really gotten used to it.  Now, even the 5 / 5s feels ‘small and square’.  The iPad Air 2 has been a good upgrade, enough so that I did purchase one.

Now, let’s get the Mac Pros updated to the upcoming Intel chips and get the 12″ Retina Macbook Air out the door!

Starting a little series… Knockout.js and ASP.NET Web Forms

With my new job, I’m back to programming.  Which means, more programming articles 🙂  So, if programming in .NET isn’t your thing, you can skip these 🙂

A couple of months ago, at my old job, I was speaking with a programmer who was interested in using Knockout.js, but couldn’t because the project that he was working on was an ASP.NET WebForms project.  At the time, all I’d seen of Knockout.js was referred to using the ASP.NET MVC type projects, so I agreed with him that it was a shame, and moved on.  Boy, do I wish I’d been a little more informed at that time.

It turns out that one can use Knockout.js and ASP.NET WebForms JUST FINE TOGETHER!  It does take thinking a bit different about what the ASP.NET WebForms do, and it is sort of bastardizing the whole WebForms concept, but it can be done, and it’s fairly easy 🙂  By using this style of code, the WebForms become more like MVC pages rather than the usual “onPostBack” code.

The first step to understanding how Knockout.js and WebForms can work together is to learn that .aspx pages can expose WebMethods.  This fact is important, because web methods can send and receive JSON data.  Using JSON (and BSON), one can pass the data from a class to a website via the web service call and a web service call can receive JSON data and turn it back into a class.  There are lots of good articles on using WebMethods in WebForms (example:  The example that I’ve recently found shows how to tie the Knockout.js data binding to the WebMethods.

One of the reasons I say that I’m starting a series is because I want to point out the little ‘gotchas’ that pop up when doing some of this coding.  I’m still in the learning (and stealing of ideas) stage, and I want to document what I’m seeing 🙂  All of the things I’m writing at the moment are coming from issues that my new team is running into.

The first gotcha that we ran into was when creating a default Microsoft web forms project.  The latest default project has a ton of great stuff set up, but some things that have been preset get in the way.  Problem number one is AutoRedirectMode in the AppStart/RouteConfig.cs or AppStart/RouteConfig.vb file.  The default setting is RedirectMode.Permanent.  This needs to be changed to RedirectMode.Off to get the web method calls to work.  (See this article:  Note that the answer is in the comments, not the answers)

There are more challenges that we had to work through, so more article are one their way!

Wow, 10 years, where does the time go?

Wow, this blog has been (mostly) active over 10 years.  My writing has been pretty quiet since September.  Not because of lack of activity, but for the complete opposite reason!  Too much going on!  One of the major things that has happened is that I left my job with my previous company, and have started working with a much smaller company.  I’ve moved from DevOps back into Development, and have actually been working with Visual Basic.NET, Windows Presentation Framework, and Javascript / jQuery / Knockout.js.  I have written more code in the last two months than I have in the last 3-4 years, and I’m VERY happy about that!  I am now also mentoring a couple of developers, and doing a LOT of learning myself.

On the music front, they ‘year-and-a-bit more’ of gear continued.  I swear I thought that I was done recently.  Time has a way of changing that, though!  I’ve picked up a LOT of sound gigs lately, and they are paying much better than the late night bar gigs.  To continue doing them, though, I’ve had to make a couple of updates, which I’ll be reviewing soon.  Plus, my taste in guitars has changed a bit recently, too.  I’ve got to say, Fender and Gibson have stepped up their game in the last couple of years, and I think that is directly correlated to the fact that PRS guitars sound and build quality is amazing.

It been an interesting ride, and it is going to get more interesting!