One of my absolute favorite blogs is The Recording Revolution, where the writer, Graham Cochrane, is a professional musician, mixer, and producer.  One of the things he covers is ‘simplicity over stuff’.  The music industry *loves* to say that ‘stuff’ is required to be a good musician.  Graham likes to debunk those myths 🙂

One article that hit VERY close to home is the article ‘what we need vs. what we buy’.  I am *absolutely* guilty of this this with my musical toys.  This fact got hammered home recently.  I was testing a new DAW, and had pulled up an old mix that I had apparently started, but not done much with.  I had set up the ‘heavy mixbuss’, then walked away from it for some reason or another.  So, when I pulled this project up, I was not terribly happy with the mix.  I did some minimal changes, things that I’ve learned recently, or RE learned recently :), and was very happy with the mix.  The amazing thing?  It didn’t require anything more than some basic plug-ins I already owned and applying some knowledge.  Wow!  Do I think that the specialized, whizz-bang plug-ins have their place?  DEFINITELY!!!!  They can get to specific sounds very quickly with minimal work.  But, the point is that they are not needed.  As Graham points out, a compressor, an EQ, and reverb are all you need to get a good sound.  The other stuff helps, but is NOT required.

This also can be said about guitars 🙂  My collection has grown lately, and it is probably time to shrink it a bit.  What’s amazing is that I’ve gone to the ‘vintage style’ guitars; reissues of some very famous instruments.  I’ve found that they do have the tones I’m looking for, so there’s not much need to keep the ones that don’t sound like what I want… eBay, here I come!


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