Two weeks ago, I had the unthinkable happen… my wonderful, perfect, Macbook Pro died on me the moment I needed it most.  I was working along, and *poof*, the screen went black and the computer would not start at all.  Uh-oh…  I have one of the 2011 MacBook Pros that have the AMD graphics cards, and it seems like I got bit with the GPU Issue.  Fortunately, Apple has instituted a repair policy for this issue.  Once I was able to schedule a genius appointment, the computer was fixed in 3 days flat, at no charge!  Woo-hoo!

I did run into a couple of concerns, though… One, the genius appointments are rather hard to come by.  On a Monday evening, I checked three Apple stores near me.  There was only ONE!?! available appoint before Saturday.  REALLY??????  Three Apple stores and only ONE available Mac appointment over a 4 day period of time???? Of course, I signed up for it 🙂

The other issue, which I should have expected, was that everything that uses the CPU ID as a key was totally hosed.  I had to reauthorize several programs, and clean up a bit of a mess with my iCloud account.  Nothing earth shattering, but definitely a pain in the rear….

Oh well, all’s well that ends well.  My computer is back and working perfectly.  I even managed to fix a couple of long standing issues that I’ve had with the computer.

Thanks Apple!


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