For everyone reading this who doesn’t follow Apple, they had a recent event in September announcing a LOT of new goodies.

The first one really available to the public is the updated iPhone 6S (and 6S+).  I’ve had the 6+ for a year now, and even though the outward appearance of the phone hasn’t changed, almost everything else has.  I didn’t think I would update, until I really got to see the phone in person.  Right off the bat, one thing literally jumped out at me… the new S feels sturdier.  The 6+ always felt like you could bend it easily.  I never felt comfortable leaving it in my pocket when sitting down, as it felt like it would bend.  The S certainly does NOT have that feeling.  The S feels very solid.  That alone made it worthwhile to get.  Second, the camera upgrade was important to me.  In the past, I haven’t really been a camera freak.  I’d take pictures, but they were so ‘meh’ that it wasn’t important.  The 6+ changed that for me.  Between videos of my cats and pictures of just about everything, I really ended up using the camera.  The bump from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels and the low light photo improvements made me instantly want the new phone 🙂  Also, the ‘live pictures’ are pretty cool.  I’m beginning to feel like I’m a Hogwarts… 🙂  One thing that I thought would be interesting is the 3D touch.  So far, I haven’t gotten a warm and fuzzy from this feature.  I think the idea is very cool, but nothing I use really makes use of it.  Now, when they get 3D touch on an iPad and my mixer software starts using it, I’ll be really impressed.  Overall, I like the 6S+ upgrade.  I was able to get AT&T to get me switched over to vNext fairly reasonably.  One last thing, it’s awesome that AT&T *FINALLY* enabled Wi-Fi calling.  I’ve been waiting a YEAR for that feature.  After some initial bumps, it’s doing pretty well.

The next new Apple goody is the iPad Pro.  I’m very interested to see one of these in person.  With my wireless mixing, any extra surface area will be awesome.  I wish 3D touch was included, but the idea of a better screen & sound really has me interested.

Finally, the AppleTV looks interesting.  Even if it’s just a better way to stream iTunes to the TV, it will be a winner.

Lots of good new stuff from Apple, but are some things that are becoming a concern.  There has been no significant update to the iWork applications (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote).  My guess is now that Microsoft has gotten serious about Office on the Mac with 2016, Apple doesn’t feel the need to really do much more with the iWork apps.  The iLife apps of Garageband and iMovie received a bit of love, but no major new features lately.

All in all, lots of good stuff!


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