No sleep ’til dub dub (WWDC)

Actually, that’s not true.  I’ll sleep a LOT before Apple’s WWDC conference this year.  For some reason, Apple’s announcements haven’t had the urgency or excitement that they used to have.  The OS X (macOS) / iOS changes haven’t been terribly drastic lately.  The built in programs have been incrementally improving, but nothing earth shattering.  I’m not even sure that I truly care that much this year.  There have been no major change rumors, and with no major hardware announcements going to be announced, it might just be one of Apple’s quieter Apple-notes.

Hopefully, I’m wrong!  I want to see new Mac Pros, Macbook Pros, updated iMacs, etc…  I’d love to see some cool changes in the OS.  OS X is incredibly awesome, so I guess boring is a good thing!