Wow, 10 years, where does the time go?

Wow, this blog has been (mostly) active over 10 years.  My writing has been pretty quiet since September.  Not because of lack of activity, but for the complete opposite reason!  Too much going on!  One of the major things that has happened is that I left my job with my previous company, and have started working with a much smaller company.  I’ve moved from DevOps back into Development, and have actually been working with Visual Basic.NET, Windows Presentation Framework, and Javascript / jQuery / Knockout.js.  I have written more code in the last two months than I have in the last 3-4 years, and I’m VERY happy about that!  I am now also mentoring a couple of developers, and doing a LOT of learning myself.

On the music front, they ‘year-and-a-bit more’ of gear continued.  I swear I thought that I was done recently.  Time has a way of changing that, though!  I’ve picked up a LOT of sound gigs lately, and they are paying much better than the late night bar gigs.  To continue doing them, though, I’ve had to make a couple of updates, which I’ll be reviewing soon.  Plus, my taste in guitars has changed a bit recently, too.  I’ve got to say, Fender and Gibson have stepped up their game in the last couple of years, and I think that is directly correlated to the fact that PRS guitars sound and build quality is amazing.

It been an interesting ride, and it is going to get more interesting!


Wow… 9 years already

I knew that I started blogging in December… just didn’t realize it was over 9 years ago!!!!

What’s amazing is how much has changed in those nine years…

  • Homeowner
  • No more Corvettes, until I have enough money to actually keep one serviced correctly 🙂
  • Have stayed at my current job for almost 7 years
  • Have switched from Dev to DevOps
  • Have switched from PCs to Macs
  • Have actually been playing music, recording, mixing, and running sound for people rather than being academic
  • Cat changes (please do not ask me about it)
  • No longer a PRS only guitarist 🙂
  • Switched from flip phones to iPhone
  • Mainly use iPad around the house instead of a computer
  • Went from 1.5 meg DSL to 50+ meg cable
  • Went from a single CRT TV to two LED TVs
  • Gained weight, lost it, and then found it (and it brought friends)
  • Have performed more than 200 times for people during the time frame

To say the least, it’s been an amazing ride.  Looking forward to year 10, as this is a year with lots changing, and lots for me to write about.

Time to wake this blog up!

So, it has been a while, and the complete text to this post got lost.  Well, I don’t remember what was originally in this post, but I’ll try to recount the best I can…

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Obvious, if you read the blog.  It’s time to get the blog going again.  I’ve been learning a lot lately, everything from how to care for my guitars, to recording a CD with a worship team, to programming in many different languages and situations.  I feel it is time to share what I’m learning, so that other people can have a better starting point.  Plus, I’ve got reviews of all the new toys / tools I’ve been working with.

Let’s get this party re-started!

New day on the blog

Well… with Windows Live Spaces moving to WordPress, I was finally able to merge my dead WordPress blog with my semi-dead Windows Live Spaces blog.  So, now I think I will start blogging again.  I’m starting a new project that I will be discussing.  I’m building a new site, and am prototyping.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to convert the prototype to production code  🙂

I think my writing is a *bit* rusty 🙂  Hopefully my writing will get better as I brush up!

First post from Scribefire!

This is the first post using ScribeFire…  I’m trying to find something that will work with my Mac to post to Windows Live Spaces.  So far, to my knowledge, none of the major Mac blog programs work with Windows Live spaces.  I ran across ScribeFire in a post of a review of the different Mac blog programs.  ScribeFire is a plug-in for Firefox.  I’m working off of a Windows computer now, but will try this from my Mac at home later.

Wow, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now!

Today is my 2 year blogging anniversary!  I actually like reading my old blogs, even though I wince every time I see a spelling error.  There is a lot going on in my life (as usual), most of it I can’t talk about… I have been putting together some ideas about development teams and good processes, but those will have to wait.  Tonight is more script testing for xhead software, a company run by a friend of mine, Shoaib.  I’m kind of a side employee at the moment, doing testing and hopefully moving up to developing, once my Mac Pro shows up!

Cool new tool for posting to blogs, Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a very cool new tool.  It’s a windows based application allowing one to write Blog entries on a local computer, then publish them to a blog server.  Notice that I didn’t say ‘Window’s Live Space’ Server.  This tool can be used to post to a lot of different services.  Very cool!  Plus, an SDK has been created, allowing developers to write plug-ins to extend the program.  Sweet!

Now, if Microsoft only would have called it something different.  By tying the name to Windows Live, people will think that it only works with Microsoft products, which is certainly not the case.  One thing that I hope that they make sure of, get it to work with Sharepoint 2007’s blogging engine!

Late recognition of a blogging anniversary

It just hit me that I’ve been blogging for over a year…  I started blogging back in December of ’04!  A *LOT* has changed in that year.  First off, I’ve been able to stabilize a little.  I’ve gotten MUCH better at planning my finances, and haven’t overdrawn my bank account once!  While this doesn’t sound positive, it’s been a major change for me.  I have not been very careful with money, and probably never will be the frugal person that many of my friends are.  BUT, in a couple of years, I’ll be back on track to my ultimate goals.
Second, I think that I’ve grown in my career.  A year ago, I was a cocky, know-it-all programmer.  I’m still a cocky, know-it-all, but I’ve tried toning the attitude down a bit, and learn a LOT.  I’ve also started learning what it takes to be a lead, either team or project.  I don’t hold either position, but I’ve been working on what it will take to do either job.  As my company grows, and the department I work for grows, I hope that I’ll be able to contribute on a management level.
Oh well, enough of the midnight musings!

Why I don’t think Podcasting will catch on…

The main reason is…. it’s too much work.  Blogging is easy, because it takes only a few minutes to write out what someone is doing/thinking.  Podcasting is different…  The podcasting format has been almost like a radio show.  Podcasts seem to be in the area of 30 – 60 minutes.   One has to talk for a bunch of time, then edit the podcast, then publish.  The subject has to be able to KEEP someone’s attention for that amount of time.  Random 5 minute blubs do not go over very well with Podcasting.
See, I’d *never* have podcasted this article <grin, duck & run!>

Which does everyone like better?

General question… MSN Spaces or WordPress? I know Rick likes my WordPress blog better. Now that MSN Spaces has added the API to allow for blogwriter software to interface with it (no more Web editing!), I really don’t have a lot of reasons for either one. I like both, they both have strengths and weaknesses. I REALLY like the photo album on Spaces, but I like almost everything else about WordPress…

Decisions, decisions…

Anyone want to chime in?

WordPress’ images are working in IE!

Ok, this is cool.  I’m starting to move my blog over from my Spaces site.  One of the last things is the images.  Being able to include a photo in my posts is important.  Being able to put the photos into a photo album is SUPER important.  At first, it didn’t work with IE (but did with Firefox!  Yeah!)  Now, that’s fixed.  I like the ability to put seperate pages for stuff.  That’s where the photo collection will be shown off.

 Also, I need to find out how much space I have here on WordPress.  As long as I have unlimited blog space, I’ll be writing a LOT on here.

Hmmm… I may switch my blog to is out of beta, and has some pretty cool tools.  I’ve signed up, and may switch my blog over to there at some point.  There are good points about both MSN Spaces and WordPress.
MSN Spaces:
  1. Integrates with MSN Messenger.  It’s cool that your contacts can see when you’ve updated your space with pictures, blog entries, lists, etc…
  2. Great photo storage.  I like the way that it’s very easy to preview photos and I love the built in slide show.
  3. Nice blog editor inside of Internet Explorer.
  4. MSN Search has me at the top of the list when searching for my name!
  5. An API is being developed for external editors.
  6. Ads are not very intrusive (yet).
  7. Major corporation backing the service, so it won’t go away until the ‘fad’ does.


  1. It’s not Microsoft or Google.
  2. It’s not so busy on screen.
  3. Works great on non Microsoft browsers.
  4. Photo uploading has been added.
  5. Much better control of the site through the admin pages.
  6. Can add seperate pages very easily.
  7. Better statistics and notifications.

Once WordPress gets their photo stuff working, I think it’s going to be the ‘premier’ blog site.  I like MSN Spaces, too, as it’s VERY easy to use and maintain.  I think that’s important.  If it takes a lot of effort to maintain, people are not going to use a service.

Getting back into gear…

As Christine has pointed out, it’s been a week since I kicked up a blog entry… This is not it…   This is just a teaser…  I will have an entry up on being a professional up in a few minutes.  I’m also going to try to write an article on guitar amps for Rick.  That may take a day or two.  (Watch for that one Wednesday).
As to WHY it’s taken so long?  I am in the process of doing an ‘Apple Switch’.  I’ve been working with my Mini for a week and a half now, and it’s great, but there is one small problem… MSN Spaces does not work very well with Safari or Mozilla.  (no, I haven’t tried Opera yet).  So, for me to blog, I have to be working on the Windows box.  I DO still like and use Microsoft Windows XP 64, as ALL my music stuff is set up for Windows.
Maybe Windows Vista will help with my delimma… Nah, probably not…

Figured out how to add comments to my own posts

Doh!  One thing that I could not for the life of me figure out was how to add comments to my posts without logging out and looking at the blog as a normal user.  I finally stumbled across how *I* can add comments to keep conversations going…  If anyone else uses MSN Spaces, this is a cool tip.  Look at the blog entry in the archives.  When you click on the comments tab, a space is provided to add comments to the thread.  Cool!  How/why did I discover this?  I was reading all of my old posts.  It’s amazing what one is thinking/writing at any given point in time.