A little bit of unpacking is done…

I *finally* got some of my new office unpacked.  Penny decided to take a nap on one of the guitar straps (with the guitar!) and I couldn’t resist taking a picture or two.
Also, I am almost completely settled.  The final cooking appliance was put in today, a toaster oven.  It’s beginning to feel like home.

And… IT’S DONE!!!!

Finally!  What a LONG, STRANGE trip it’s been!  Today @ 1:30, I received the keys to my new house.  Lot’s of begging, borrowing, and scraping have gone into this day.  One one small problem, and that will be fixed soon enough, and that’s that there is no refrigerator in yet.  That should be fixed by Wednesday of next week!

I will post pictures VERY SOON!

Less than 24 hours to go!

Less than 24 hours to go!  My closing is at 1 pm on Friday.  Wow, I can’t believe the house is finally happening.  Talk about being nervous, scared, and excited all in one…  Right after closing, as much as I can stuff into a couple of car trips gets moved.  Saturday, the movers are showing up, and be 5 p.m. Saturday, I should be completely in the new house…

One week and counting…

Wow, what a day…  Final walk through day.

Today was the final walk through on my house.  I can’t believe that it’s done.  It was just over 8 months ago that I put the deposit down for the original purchase.  The amount of stuff one has to go through to get a house is incredible.  Of course, it probably would have been easier if I had a better credit score and hadn’t JUST bought the darned car.

As for the walk itself, the house was *almost* perfect.  The refrigerator will be delivered by Tuesday, and the correct shower in the master bath STILL wasn’t installed.  The pieces for the new shower were there, they just hadn’t put it in yet.

I’ve already seen a couple of changes that I need to do.  One, is to put a programmable A/C controller in.  With Florida being Florida, it would be nice to have the A/C start about 20 minutes before I get home.  The other is to put some fans in and change the light sockets.  Not big work, but stuff that will need to be done.

Back to cleaning and getting ready for the move!

House crazy… (latest updates)

6 days and counting until the final walk!  Well, maybe…  I’m not absolutely holding my breath, but… Friday, the 18th is supposed to be the final walk through.  If the original schedule had been followed, I’d be a homeowner now, and busy moving!  I think the 18th is a realistic date.  The carpets are in, the folding doors are up, and everything looks great.  Just waiting for the appliances and the confirmation letter from the mortgage company!

Latest update on the house

Well, Friday, the 4th was supposed to be my final walk through on the house.  Unfortunately, electrical problems have delayed the walk through by 2 weeks.  That did not mean that they stopped!  I took a look today, and the carpet was down and all of the doors were up.  Unfortunately some of them were not painted yet.  And, one set of the closet doors needed to be sanded down a bit, as it wouldn’t close correctly!?!

I only took one picture, and will post it a bit later.  All in all, the house is almost there!

“Houston, we have a problem…”

Well, my 5 day countdown got sidetracked even before it began.  I received a very nice phone call today about the final walk through and closing.  It turns out that some extra electrical work needs to be done on my building.  So, my walk though has been postponed by two weeks.smile_sad At least I did find out that the shower was definitely the wrong one and a new one has been ordered and should be here shortly.

Oh well.

5 Days and counting…

I can’t believe it.  5 days until my final walk-through on the house.  And I still can’t believe that they haven’t put the correct shower stall in yet!
Aside from that, things are moving along VERY nicely.  The toilets are in.  The faucets are in.  The dishwasher is in.  The carpeting is NOT in yet.  I stopped by on Friday, and they were doing the touch up painting.  The inside of the garage is painted.
It’s been a long road.  It just amazes me that in 2 weeks, I will own (or at least pay the mortgage on) this house.  My friend Rick has written some thoughs on owning a home, not a house.  I look very forward to finally calling someplace a home after just living somewhere for the last 15 – 20 years.

Latest photos (of the house)

I’ve talked a bit about the changes to the house, but over the last three weeks, visible changes have been rather few and far between.  The sink that was creme has been replaced with the correct white sink.  Also the garage and front door have been painted with the community brown.  Personally, I like the white doors, though.  There were other changes that I didn’t take pictures of.  The electricity is on.  The upstairs temperature gauge / AC panel was working.  More doors were up.
It’s beginning to come together!  My final walk through is May 4th (next Friday!)….  I cannot wait!

Latest house updates… (no pictures this time)

No new pictures this week, as very little has changed.  The last set of pictures revealed a couple of problems.  The downstairs sink is supposed to be white (or Coco Blanco as the technical term).  Also, the master shower is supposed to be semi-frameless.  So, last week, those were noted to the construction office.  I think the new sink is in a box, but the shower replacement is nowhere to be found.

Things are starting to get interesting.  The final walk through date is May 4th.  The closing is on May 11th.  I can’t believe that the house will be finished in little more than 3 weeks…

More photos!

As if everyone wasn’t sick of all the house photos so far… Well, it’s come a LONG way.  I was even able to get a shot of the car in the driveway.  Boy, does that make it feel like it’s almost done, or what?  The latest status shots show that the couter tops are all in.  The bathrooms are next to done.  Light fixtures are in.  They are having to redo some parts of the house, so there was a step or two backwards on the master bedroom.  The mirrors are in (and, yes, I have a very cheapo camera… )
Without further ado, here’s the new pictures!

More boring house photos

Wow, this house is RUSHING to completion!  One week ago, the cabinets arrived.  Last Sunday, the cabinets were being put in place.  So, my expectation was that the cabinets would be hung, and *maybe* the tile would be placed out on the floor.  What DID happen this week?  Well, yes, the cabinets were hung.  But, a little bit more was done…  ALL of the downstairs tile was done and groutted.  The upstairs bathrooms were tiled.  The downstairs was tiled.  The show pans are in!  Most importantly, the door has a handle and a lock!  Now, to look around, I have to sneak a key out. 
Not much longer to go!

Braved the elements to get more house photos!

Ok, after yesterday’s trip to the house, I fully expected to go back today, and see everything the same way.  Boy, was I wrong!  The cabinets were no longer in boxes, they were out and pretty much near where they were supposed to go.  The ones in my house are awesome!  I was worried that they were going to be lighter than what they turned out to be.  When I was there, they guys were putting the cabinents in, so I had to be a little bit careful.  Yes, they were working on a Sunday.  Not that I wish that on anyone, but how cool is that?  Work on all the houses seems to be going on 7 days a week.  Hopefully, that means that I be moved in by the end of May.  And, that’s my friend Trish in the photos (I’m sure that ‘Enquiring Minds Want To Know’)

I have a driveway! (and a banister!)

I’m going to have to describe today’s visit, ’cause I didn’t take my camera with me.smile_sad  If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll take the camera and get pictures…

All I can say is, ‘wow’…  My townhouse is really starting to come together.  The walls have been painted their first coat of paint.  All the molding in the pictures that was wood is now white (as are the walls).  The garage door is up.  THE DRIVEWAY IS IN PLACE!  I can now walk from the road to the front door on the bricks!  The cabinets and tile are sitting in the living room, waiting to be unboxed.  The banister is up on the stairway.  Almost all of the doors are up.

It’s finally becoming real.  I have to put my 60 day notice in to my apartment complex, as I think the house will be done by the end of May (probably *well* before then!)  Talk about a surreal feeling…

I may just sneak back over there tomorrow with the camera…

More house photos!

I know, I know, more boring house photos…  Well, to me, these aren’t boring, they represent the next major set in my life.  It’s amazing how the house is starting to come together.  The molding is up, the doors are mostly up, the walls have the texture on them.  Wow.  Less than 12 (less than 8, really) weeks to go!

Picture of my house

Ok, after the soap opera that went around with my house situation, I finally have the exact house and options picked out AND SIGNED FOR!  This is important, as the last one I pictured was not, and I ended up not being able to buy it.

So, without further ado, here is the latest pictures of my new home…

Changing of the House

Wow, today was one of the last major milestones on my house.  A lot has changed since I wrote my initial ‘I have a house’ post and took pictures of the dirt.

First, I changed the community that I bought it.  What!?!  One of the perks of working for a home builder is that changing from one community to the other is a little easier than people would expect.  Our company has two communities with the same plans in two different areas where I live.  I like the one I originally picked out, but the other community is literally ‘on the corner’ of block I live at now.  So, after going up to see what my house was going to look like at the close community, I decided to switch to this community.  My house hasn’t even really started construction, and the ones close to me were started to close the first units.  I’m an impatient person, so I decided to switch.

Second, I *almost* bought the house that I had pictured previously, but a misunderstanding about the price I offered caused the unit to be sold to someone else.  smile_sad  Fortunately, the company I worked for was able to quickly rectify my upset state.  

Finally, after a lot of grief given and recieved, I was able to buy a similar unit with a nice incentive.  This one didn’t have all the options selected, so one nice thing is that I was able to pick the options I wanted.  Fortunately, the design center lady was nice and patient, and I was able to get a very nice color scheme done for my townhouse.

Picture will be posted soon!