Line 6 2/3s a DreamStage Review…

Quick review:

I *finally* got my Line 6 L3T and L3S speakers and subwoofers.  I was able to pick up floor models / demos at a great price, and was finally able to bring them home for last weekend’s gig.  There has not been a lot of talk of these speakers, other than the initial release.  I’ve heard them before, though, and especially connected to the Line 6 StageScape, and they sound amazing.  They are loud, but not piercing loud.  Cheaper speakers seem to have a lot of extra high frequencies that these speakers do not have.  They are very full sounding without being over bearing.  I love how the speakers connect digitally to the mixing board.  One cable from the board to a speaker, then daisy changing all the way out, with complete assignability.

Why did I say 2/3s?  We still have regular monitors.  I’m keeping my eyes out for the L2Ms for monitors!

I’m looking forward to using these for a LONG time!