Yes, I’m still a loyal PRS guitar fanatic.  But… for certain sounds and styles, it’s hard to beat a Gibson Les Paul.  Especially for playing in a hard rock band.  🙂  Since I play in hard rock band, getting a Les Paul seemed like a good idea.  I’ve owned some truly awesome Les Pauls in the past, but have AWAYS had a tuning problem with them.  That problem is that they never seemed to stay in tune!  So, I went to PRS, and have never looked back.  At least, until recently.

I’ve been looking for ‘that sound’, and when the other guitar player in the band I play with got a really nice Les Paul, I decided to start looking.  Actually, I had pointed out the Les Paul to the other guitar player.  It was one of the nicer playing Les Pauls that I had run across, but I wasn’t actually LOOKING for a Les Paul.  So, he picked it up.  Very quickly, I realized that the Les Paul fit with the band really well.  So, when the next batch of Les Pauls came into Sam Ash, I had my friend in sales keep me informed.  I ended up finding one of ‘those’ Les Pauls.  You know, the ones that everything just got put together right.  I had several people want the guitar before I ever got it out of the store!  But, that’s a different story…

Once I started playing my new Les Paul, the problem of the guitar staying in tune started to rear its head.  I did not want to do anything like replace the nut or tuners.  I remembered a trick that a friend of mine mentioned.  He said to use graphite on the nut to make the strings slide better.  I couldn’t find the graphite, but I did find something as good, if not better!  There is a product called ‘Nut sauce’ that works like a charm!  A dab of that on the nut and on the bridge saddles made the strings not stick when tuning.  Now, the guitar stays in tune like a champ!  I can make it through a whole set without checking my tuning.  GREAT stuff!


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